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Screenshots for F-Droid

You can add Screenshots for F-Droid, too, if you want.
That was simply information about what is still possible. You would then only have to enter the screenshots in fastlane. This is just one way that you can also add screenshots to the app view if you can. If you added screenshots (then F-Droid is happy) and if you can't add any -> then you can close the issue because it was only an info. Thank you that your app is available in fdroid. Very much for your attention.

If the issue has not been answered for a long time

Since the issue dates back a long time - can you just close the issue? Thank you, my initial Issue was also just information.

Here are screenshots

you have to enter this in fastlane of your app

do you have screenshots for me or open an PR to me

my day has only 24 hours, like yours. Than can you close the issue. Thank you, my initial Issue was also just information

this app only sense to french speaking people

In case you add screenshots to your fastlane, F-Droid will get them automatically and another team at F-Droid can take care of it, or the next sync will include the pictures. What do you mean by good screenshots? I would take the same screenshots as you and you are the programmer at the source. You would then also have to enter them into your fastlane.